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We are well-known in the digital world because of our expertise in well-designed formation.

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We pick our process based on each project’s unique requirements. The perfect approach to convey the optimum results is what we propose.

Scrum methodology

An agile system for finalizing complex workings is called scrum. The iterative improvement strategy is favored by us to construct complex items more quicker. We use short time-boxed development cycles called sprints, with each sprint resulting in potential functionality delivered.

Our Scrum Process

The scrum process of The Online Corp. is preferred to fulfill complex requirements faster.


Waterfall methodology

A non-iterative approach to achieving the final products is what the waterfall methodology is all about. The waterfall methodology is used to oversee ventures that are generally small and have clear prerequisites before any code is created.

Our Waterfall Process

Simple projects with clear requirements are what our waterfall process is used for.


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